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Thank you so so much for coming out to our first ever AGM/party/showcase and supporting the work we do.

Last night was absolutely one of those reminders of why we do what we do.

So many thanks are in order, but first to this stellar organizing team! Lana Winterhalt, Veronica Blackhawk, Amber Neufeld, Laura Smith, Ila Barker, and Hera Nalaam; each of these lovely folks (plus our dear Julie Preston) have volunteered their time, energy, resources, and skills to provide programming for our community. Thank you for setting up the entire event yesterday, and for all the work you’ve put in ALL year. A bunch of rockstars!

The next thanks goes to our three showcasing producers, Valeri Marina, DAGGERSS (Laura Smith), and Cec Lopez. Thank you for being vulnerable with us , sharing your creative process and allowing us to hear your works. Such a treat, and you each inspired so many in that room last night!

To our DJ  Solreia , we couldn’t have asked for a better end to the evening than some fun dance tunes. Thank you so much for spinnin’!

To our sound tech Mae Laurel, thank you so much for helping the evening run smoothly!! We truly couldn’t have done it without you.

And our final thanks is to you, our amazing community. Thank you for showing up, supporting, buying merch, chatting with new folks to make them feel comfy, and having FUN with us. Thank you for the ways you have contributed all year, and participated in our events and initiatives.

We’re so excited to have some more in-person events starting up in September! So much love for you all.

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