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The Good + Plenty Producer's Club Mutual Aid is a new initiative intended to help our Manitoban GPPC members access financial supports for opportunities or resources relating to their professional development or career advancement in music production and audio engineering. 


What is mutual aid?

Mutual aid is about working together to serve community members, without waiting around for government structures or established organizations to do it for us. Mutual aid creates networks of care and generosity to meet the immediate needs of our neighbours. Practically for us, it means putting a call out on social media through GoFundMe to ask our community to help rally around our women, 2spirit, and non-binary music producers and audio engineers to help them reach their goals and overcome systemic barriers. We cannot promise that all of your funds will be raised through mutual aid, but we can promise we will do our best to promote your initiative and get you as much funds as we're physically able! We want to recognize and deeply thank the Queer, Trans, People of Colour who have paved the way to show us how Mutual Aid can be done well and make impactful change in the lives of community members.  


You can apply for mutual aid for activities or resources such as:

1) Helping you purchase a new microphone to use in your home studio

2) Helping fund a professional development opportunity such as a workshop, masterclass, course, etc

3) Helping fund travel to or from the professional development opportunity

4) Helping you purchase new plugins, software, or technical tools for your home studio

*PS, you are also welcome to combine activities and resources into one application. Perhaps you want to have a "professional development project" with a few different activities. Explain to us below the initiatives and why you think they all support your journey!


Please note: this mutual aid is intended to be used directly for resources/activities relating to music production and audio engineering. We are not able to help other areas of your creative artistry such as funding a musicians tour, funding your album creation, or other creative endeavours. We encourage you to check out Manitoba Music, Creative Manitoba, Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, and SOCAN Foundation to access funds or grants for non-music production/audio engineering related activities.


Some other key requirements:

1) Mutual aid will only be available for Manitoba Residents, or Manitoba Residents who are currently attending an educational facility outside of Manitoba with the intention of returning to Manitoba at the end of studies/internship. (I.E., you could be living somewhere else right now, but Manitoba is "home" and where you'll be returning after whatever you're doing).

2) We do not guarantee that Mutual Aid will help cover ALL your costs, however we can promise that we will do everything in our power to share the request for funding far and wide on our socials, in our newsletter, and with all relevant and active links. We encourage you to also be active in promoting calls for Mutual Aid.

3) Good + Plenty Arts Collective will raise funds, distribute funds to you, send a receipt of our gift, and then it is entirely up to you to handle the funds and take all necessary responsibilities when it comes to Tax time. We encourage you to talk to your financial advisor to ensure that this monetary gift bestowed by us is properly filed at tax time.

4) After you have accessed and used your funds, you will be asked to fill out another Google form reporting on how your funds were used and how it impacted your career. This is for our own reporting to know if the program is impactful, and will help us make ongoing changes to the program as needed.


So how does it work?

Fill out the form below with all information of the activities you are wanting to pursue or resources you are wanting to access for your music production or audio engineering career. Please provide as much detailed information as possible, as this will help us approve your application for mutual aid much quicker. The Good + Plenty Organizing Team has final say on whether or not an application will be approved to be promoted on our socials for mutual aid (p.s., the only reason it wouldn't be approved if it's for an activity or resource outside of music production/audio engineering, or if you do not identify as a woman, 2Spirit, or non-binary person. Male-identifying persons are not eligible for this opportunity, and we encourage you to check out other granting organizations in Manitoba). 

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